• As an ACHP certified handyman, Bryan takes his job seriously.

  • Allow him to help you with the odd jobs around your home in which you need assistance! 

  • Be proud of your property and allow Bryan to use his experience and eye for perfection to make your home look beautiful and maintain sustainability.  
  • On-Time Guarantee
  • Licensed & Bonded Handyman
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

Specializing in a variety of work, visit the "Services" tab for a full list of available handyman services. 


Our client's time is valuable.  With Reighter Repairs & More, LLC, Bryan makes it his responsibility to arrive on time and get the work done properly!  Call 574-288-0010 to schedule an appointment or receive a quote.    


Home ImprovementsDone the "Reight" Way!

When it comes to your home improvement needs, Reighter Repairs & More, LLC has the experience and skills to ensure the property you are purchasing meets all required standards.  Your property should be appealing, useable, and most importantly,  sustainable.

We Offer: